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Web Series Production Agreement

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Agreements with the occupation vary depending on the type of actor. For example, a sag actor (Screen Actor`s Guild) has a different contract than a non-SAG actor, as the requirements imposed on these two actors may be different due to the rules and regulations imposed by the guild. If you want to hire minors or extras, you might need a different deal for each group. Options are often used in Hollywood and it`s much cheaper to choose a scenario than to buy it from the beginning. An option agreement is especially useful when a producer does not know if their financing will come out of it. This is basically a way to secure your bets if the funding doesn`t go as planned. In such a case, if you buy the rights to the property directly, you might be forced to buy a script that cannot be turned into a profitable film. The advertising and promotional activities to which the parties agree are indicated in detail. After all, movies are a form of business.

A lot of capital and other resources are involved in business transactions. Failure to document these transactions through written agreements can result in uncertainties and high losses. In addition, investors and banks began to force producers to enter into written contracts with them, as well as with the actors and crew of the film. During production, various responsibilities arise due to non-compliance with tasks and negligence of crew members. .

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