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Viasat Agreement

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I received viasat on February 28, 2018. Completed March 5, 2018. The download speed was .5 megabeeps. Or not at all. Viasat is attempting to collect a fee for early termination. I will never pay. I have contacted my bank to dispute any fees charged to my account by Viasat Exede or Bluestar, or whatever they are called today. Also filed a complaint with Better Business at Denver Co. These people are crazy. ViasatViasat is a global communications company that believes that everyone and everyone in the world can be connected. For more than 30 years, Viasat has been designing how consumers, businesses, governments and the military communicate around the world. Today, the company is developing the ultimate global communications network to operate high-quality, safe, affordable and fast connections that influence people`s lives wherever they are, on the ground, in the air or at sea.

To learn more about Viasat, visit:, visit Viasat`s corporate blog or follow the company on social media at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube. Be careful here too. Read your customer agreement carefully and think that Exede will do everything in your power to manipulate you in worthy of injury. Exede is as dishonest, ruthless and worthless as companies come. Viasat has done the same scam since they are savages. They increase the amount of bandwidth they sell, and it works great until they`ve grossly overloaded it, and you can barely use it during the busy parts of the day. Please note that if you receive your service invoice from a third party, the terms of a customer agreement with that third party and their contact details differ from those set out in this agreement. Please read this agreement carefully, as it contains important contractual rights and obligations between you and Viasat, as well as important restrictions on these rights. .

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