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After the election of President Trump in 2016, support for NAFTA between Republicans and Democrats was highly polarized. Donald Trump has expressed a negative comment on NAFTA, calling it « the worst trade deal ever approved in this country. » [159] Republican support for NAFTA rose from 43% in 2008 to 34% in 2017. Meanwhile, Democratic support for NAFTA rose from 41 percent in 2008 to 71 percent in 2017. [160] • support a twenty-first century economy by protecting U.S. intellectual property and securing opportunities for U.S. trade in services. While there is much debate about the long-term benefits of NAFTA, the agreement has achieved several things since its implementation in the 1990s. Nevertheless, the most-favoured-nation (MFN) clause played an important role in NAFTA. Through NAFTA, all co-signed countries obtain the most frequent status, which means that they must treat all parties equally on trade. Thanks to the most-favoured nation, countries should not favour investors from non-NAFTA countries or show more favour towards foreign investors. In principle, they should all be treated in the same way in the agreement. The former Canada-U.S. free trade agreement had been the subject of controversy and division in Canada and was presented as a theme in the 1988 Canadian election.

In this election, more Canadians voted for anti-free trade parties (the Liberals and the New Democrats), but the split votes between the two parties meant that the pro-Liberal Progressive Conservatives (PC) with the most seats came out of the election and thus took power. The free trade agreement also provides for administrative, civil and criminal penalties for companies that violate the legislation or customs procedures of the three countries. The debate on the impact of NAFTA on signatory countries continues. While since the implementation of NAFTA, the United States, Canada and Mexico have experienced all the economic growth, higher wages and increased trade, experts disagree on the real contribution of the agreement to these benefits, if at all, in the United States. . . .

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