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Texas Medical Board Pain Management Agreement

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Please check the table below to confirm the registration of a pain treatment clinic. The registration information of the pain treatment clinic listed below is regularly updated. The link below allows you to search for all the measures taken by the board of directors (order of the board of directors, intervention plan, declaration of omission, etc.), including those issued in pain clinics. The Texas Code of Occupancy, Section 168.001, defines a pain clinic as a public or private facility for which the majority of patients receive a monthly prescription for opioids, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or carisoprodole, but without suboxone. In order to ensure compliance with Board Rule 195 regarding ownership, operation, and medical education (CME) requirements for pain clinics, the Board of Directors is implementing, effective January 2014, an inspection program for registered pain clinics in the State of Texas. The holder/operator of a pain clinic must register with the TMB. Certificates issued once are not transferable or transmitted. Only the owner of the family physician must register on the board of directors if there is more than one physician owner of the clinic. Each clinic needs a separate certificate. The rules regarding the registration and operation of pain clinics do not apply to the following parameters: As of September 1, 2010, a pain clinic will no longer be able to operate in Texas without obtaining a certificate from the Texas Medical Board (TMB). Please note that each year, the medical director of a pain clinic must ensure that all staff are duly authorized and, where appropriate, trained to cover 10 hours of medical training related to pain management. This means that during each registration period, there are at least 20 hours of formal CME in pain treatment, which must be performed by any staff member who provides medical services to the clinic. The Board will inform at least five days prior to the inspection.

At the time or prior to the inspection, each owner/operator of a pain clinic must provide the Board of Directors with the following information. Please do not provide any documents at this stage. You can view the boarding rules for pain clinics in detail on our website at board Rules, Chapter 195. Pain Treatment Clinics – Certificate Current Status Table. .

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