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Stamp Duty On Joint Development Agreement In Bangalore

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What could be a blow to the real estate sector, the state stamp and registration department has decided that the benefit of one percent stamp duty or up to Rs 15 Lakh will only apply to Joint Development Agreements (JDAs) in which landowners and developers agree to sell their parts separately once the project is completed. Once the urban plans are approved by the legal authorities, there will be clarification on the details of housing, parking spaces and proportional shares without sharing the land. On that date, an allocation agreement (amendment) under the JDA may be concluded, providing for the accommodation allocated to each of the parties. If the built-up area of the dwellings does not exactly comply with the relationship agreed under the JDA, the parties may agree, by mutual agreement, to adapt it in return for a financial consideration. This document also does not require registration. …, whereas the formal development agreement was concluded in September 2004 under the same conditions as the memorandum of understanding. The stamp tax authority had the value of the property that day. the execution of the development contract. The Assessee also stated that the assessment was made by the stamp tax officer on a larger plot of land with an area of 7644 square meters, during the Assessee. 2,51,00,000/u/s 269UL (3) of 12.06.2001 The Memorandum of Understanding in question was transformed into a formal development agreement under the same conditions in September 2004. Stamp tax authorities have stamped/evaluated. .

interviewees.3. According to the petitioner, taking into account Article 10 of the Joint Development Agreement of 27.10.2013, the tax and the obligation to pay stamp duty or the stamp of the deficit. prior to the preparation of the deficit stamp duty and was only notified to the developer.6. In light of these facts, we note that the interest of the interviewee passes. The task is the client. The learned lawyer relied on sections 30 and 47 of the Maharashtra Stamp Act 1958 to support the observations.4. He is a scholar. …-2004, this is the original of Ex. B.6 and the stamp duty to be paid therein. It is the applicant`s intention that it was a stamp duty contract under the . the previous development agreement to settle certain differences and stamp charges which subsequently arose may be levied only in accordance with Article 6(A).

The court found that the previous development . The development contract has not been terminated. He therefore ordered the admission of the ex. B.6 as evidence, without the need to levy stamp duty. The applicant made that request. 1- Are the JDA contract, the contracting authority contract and the construction contract the same document? In a recent detailed circular, the ministry said that JDAs, in which the landowner and developer agree to share the developed land (both the land area and the built area) and subsequently sell them to buyers, are considered sales transfers and 5% stamp duty is applied to such agreements. One percent stamp duty or a maximum of Rs 1.50 Lakh for JDAs was first announced by jagadish Shettar, then prime minister, in the 2013-14 budget, with the aim of reducing property prices and thus boosting the growth of the lazy real estate sector.

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