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Silk Road Agreement

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In contrast, his coalition partner Luigi Di Maio, the leader of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, has pledged to the deal and has made several visits to China in recent months. On Saturday, he beamed in Villa Madama signing the first agreements with Chinese counterparts, including those who explicitly declared Italy`s participation in new economic and maritime silk roads. « Belt » is short for « Silk Road Economic Belt » and refers to the proposed road and rail transport routes through Inland Asia along the famous historical trade routes of the western regions; while « route » is short for « Maritime Silk Road of the twenty-first century » and refers to Indo-Pacific sea routes through Southeast Asia to South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. [8] In the context of the Italian, Chinese and European flags, a large number of Chinese and Italian ministers and business leaders signed at Villa Madama 29 separate agreements that hosted the culmination of Xi`s visit to Rome, where he was hailed as a valued ally and, as critics have said, Conquerors. The agreement will establish « a better relationship » between China and Italy, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said. It is the first industrial-industrial nation of the Group of Seven to support this massive project – an ambitious trade and infrastructure agenda in which Beijing has invested heavily in ports, roads, airports and railways in Asia, Africa and parts of Europe. The Maritime Silk Road, which is already the route for more than half of the world`s containers, develops deep-water ports, builds logistics nodes and creates new communication routes in the hinterland. . . .

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