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Saco is politically independent. This does not mean that we refuse to act on issues because a political party has taken a particular position. Nor does it mean that we refuse to cooperate with politicians and try to influence them on issues. However, this means that we focus on issues relating to the employment, education, research and labour market of skilled workers. By discussing and making ideas, we increase the understanding of the working conditions of professionals and the importance of academic expertise. Our main themes are the labour market, labour law, integration, international cooperation, gender equality, wages and agreements, financial policy, taxation, social security, education and research and development. Saco is therefore seeking political influence. – the implementation of an agreement on measures relating to markings affixed to service vehicles of the US Armed Forces. Collective agreements are concluded between trade unions and employers. On behalf of their members, Saco`s unions have negotiated with employers and concluded collective agreements for occupational pensions and a large number of insurance schemes. An employer or individual would find it difficult to obtain equivalent benefits at the same low cost in any other way. Many of the rules of the Swedish labour market are decided by bargaining – collective bargaining – between workers and employers. Trade unions represent the interests of workers – wages, hours and other conditions – vis-à-vis their employers.

A collective agreement defines what the parties agree on. This system of regulating the labour market through collective agreements rather than laws is widely referred to as the Swedish model. This brochure is for people who want to learn more about what a collective agreement is and how it could impact your economy. It tells you the financial value of a collective agreement during different life events. A collective agreement is an insurance policy throughout your career Implement a new Joint Committee Agreement on Procedures for Making Available U.S. Military Aircraft Accident Investigation Reports announced on December 2, 1996. The difference, whether or not they are covered by a collective agreement, can be several thousand crowns per month. You have a lot to gain if your income exceeds the ceiling of public social insurance. Note that the ceiling for sickness benefits on 1 July 2018 is increased from 7.5 to 8 basic price amounts.

This represents a cap of 30,333 per month for 2018. We will update the brochure as soon as the collective agreements have been fully adapted to the new rules. While the LAS regulates employment, the Workplace Participation Act (MBL) aims to give employees influence and participation on important issues in the workplace. Quite simply, MBL regulates the collective rights of workers. This means that the employer is required to provide information about the organization or company, including its finances, and to negotiate with the union before making decisions on matters related to significant changes. For THPs to be effectively enforced, there must be a collective agreement in the workplace. The Swedish model also includes the « non-strike » clause and the right to take trade union action.

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