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Return Of Investment Agreement

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Your contract should indicate when an investor can count on an ROI. If he or she does not receive a return, the investor can request that you return the investment. Start with the conclusion of a formal investment agreement by writing an opening statement. This section should indicate the purpose of the agreement and who the parties to the transaction are. Write here the full name of the company and the investor and indicate the address of both parties. Also write down the date on which the agreement will be written. The opening declaration is normally the « this investment agreement was inserted on (insert date) between (insert the full name of each party) », depending on the nature of your investment agreement. Information on the parties involved is necessary to obtain the validity of the agreement. Anyone familiar with investing knows that it is not a guaranteed process. Since investment contracts can be so complicated, you may want to consider consulting an experienced professional before entering into one. The terms of the investment depend on the type of financing the company needs (e.g. B does the investor have to engage in several funding rounds? Does the investor need to provide immediate interim financing prior to the main investment phase?) and the nature of the financing agreements will determine the negotiating power of the parties when negotiating the investment agreement. In an investment contract, the basics describe the conditions of the investment as well as how and when the investor should expect a return on the investment.

Among the basic information that should be included in an investment contract is the following: some investors in life sciences companies may require the company and the founders to take certain obligations or requirements as part of their investment, in particular when they are non-profit organisations or pursue a certain social or social objective. These need to be carefully considered when negotiating the roadmap and final legal documents, as an infringement can often have serious consequences for both an investor and the company, for example. B the need for that investor to sell his shares or not to provide other funds in subsequent investment tranches. Real estate contracts may fall within the definition of investment contracts. Some specific areas of real estate purchase – the condotel or the hotel – are fighting to be included in the definition of the investment contract. There will be a provision in the agreement for the parties to remain confidential. Normally, an investor is expressly authorized to communicate information to his collaborators, members, participants, etc. There are two main reasons why each type of business contract needs a signature to know the parties involved and to find that both parties have read, understood and agreed on the content of the agreement. So make sure, for your investment contract, to obtain the signature of each of the parties concerned. The signing of the investment contract shows that everyone is on the same side. However, before you do that, you should first evaluate the deal and ask a professional business lawyer to verify it.

The aim is to ensure that all the information contained in the investment contract is favourable to the interests of each party. Once everything is clear, continue signing the contract. Most investments are provided by check, cash or wire transfer….

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