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If the fellow does not sign the grant contract within sixty days of receipt, the grant is cancelled. Projects must be completed within two years of signing the contract, in which fellows are expected to submit the necessary financial and narrative reports. NWAC will promote the fight against climate change through the following main objectives: knowledge exchange, climate finance instruments, climate risk disclosure and climate finance flows. The applicant will receive a confirmation email as soon as the online application has been received. Applicants are advised to track the complete completion and delivery of the requested materials, as NWAC will not contact applicants if any part of their application is incomplete. . The scholarship recipients will be announced and published at the end of the jury meetings on the NWAC website and on the Facebook page. An automatic email is sent to applicants whose projects have not been selected to receive grants.. . .

Applications are only accepted via our online application forms on our website. Applications sent by post or e-mail are not accepted. NWAC will not support retroactive projects, i.e. projects that have already been completed. For projects that have already begun, NWAC covers the costs that will only be incurred after the contract is signed, when the project is selected. . « A better understanding of climate-related risks and opportunities is essential to enable investors to manage the risks and make the investments needed to implement the Paris COP21 Agreement. A failure of the Paris goals would be profoundly detrimental to the world as a whole, and in particular to Africa. That is why NWAC is a very important initiative to engage the African financial sector in the fight against climate change…

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