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Sample Letter Disagreement Bill

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Dear Mr or Mrs: I am writing to challenge a billing error equal to ______on my account. The amount is imprecise because the goods I ordered were not delivered. I ordered the goods on (date) . The trader promised to deliver the goods to me on (date) and the goods were not delivered. (Also, when I ordered the goods, the merchant didn`t tell me it would be calculated before shipping.) Many credit card issuers will investigate your dispute, even if you get there by phone while it`s in the 60-day window. Reading with a letter gives you an extra level of protection and gives you the ability to provide proof that supports your claim. I just received the April explanation for my doe fee account #12345-67890, and there seems to be a discrepancy between your records and mine. The statement shows two doe floor covering fees for the month of April, when I made only one purchase, for 250.00 DOLLARS, on April 14. The second shipment of $65.00 on April 19 is clearly a mistake, as I never entered the store after the initial transaction of $250.00. Please check your file and send me a revised settlement.

If this is a fraud case, I am prepared to provide statements of my account activities at Doe`s. I have always been pleased with my report and I am sure you will pay immediate attention to it. The litigation letter can be simple – an example is included below. Enter in your letter the transaction or transactions you are contesting, as well as the reason why you are conducting the dispute. Send copies of evidence, z.B a receipt, that support your dispute. Always check your invoices for errors, as creditors sometimes make mistakes and credit card theft may have occurred without your knowledge. If you notice a billing error, you must notify the lender of the error in writing. I have issued a tax on my account – the tax is dated – equal to – the amount is irreprotable, because: including copies of (use this sentence to describe all attached information, such as supporting sales documents, payment documents, shipping documentation or delivery dates) that support my position and my experience.

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