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Cfl Collective Agreement

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According to a league source, cFL players with security concerns could decide not to play in 2020 without penalty. The league and the CFL Players Association continue to discuss changes to the current collective bargaining agreement that could contribute to a shortened season. Each C.F.L. team will provide its players with free, free-to-choose or GMP-certified NSF supplements. The list of supplements is drawn up by mutual agreement on the basis of professional advice. Pending the approval of the C.F.L.P.A., the C.F.L. will also be able to affix the De Sport label to supplements. It is agreed that no supplement can be guaranteed to be free of prohibited substances and athletes continue to be solely responsible for any supplement they choose to use and any effects that come from a negative test result. « The language of the MOU has now been agreed and exactly what we have communicated to you before, » the CFLPA statement to the players said. « We are now ready to sign the interim collective agreement and move forward with our unanimous agreement. » « I want to thank all the CFL players for their dedication and diligence, as we worked together to reach a fair agreement.

I would also like to thank the fans for their support and understanding throughout this process, » said Mr. Keeping. This new agreement moves us forward as partners in the future of the game. All 123 pages with full details are available. The contract expires for three years until the 2021 season and expires the day before training camps begin in 2022. « We are awaiting a declaration of `guiding principles` and its effects from the CFL, » says a letter from the union to its members. « We are also preparing to return to collective bargaining (usually CBA) with the CFL soon. CFLpa said it expected the CFL « to ask us to reconsider things like the length of the agreement and other important issues like the wage structure. At least we expect these negotiations to lead to a revised collective agreement for 2020, a process that we originally presented in March. The current collective agreement between the CFL and cfLPA was ratified on May 22, 2019.

The first media articles listed the strengths of the agreement from unpublished sources, but the full text of the agreement was published in January 2020 (link below). The contract expires for three years until the 2021 season and expires the day before the start of training camp 2022. Several media outlets reported Saturday that the CFL and CFL were to hold a conference call to clear up a misunderstanding in the memorandum of understanding agreed Wednesday. In its memo, the CFLPA said: . . . But until the federal government decides on the League`s financial assistance, it is unlikely that we will reach an agreement today (Friday). Last year`s collective bargaining agreement between the CFL and CFLpa prevented the league from not paying bonuses, which it announced to its teams in January 2018, a year before contract negotiations began.

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